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There is a tremendous need for caring individuals to donate their time and talents to assist us in accomplishing our mission. Most of the volunteer opportunities associated with our ministry are directly related to the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and grounds and are task-orientated by nature. If you desire to become involved as a volunteer with direct contact with children and youth participating in the activities and programs on the campus, please contact one of the ministries on campus directly by reviewing the Campus Ministries.

Install 12 lin. ft. wall: metal studs, door, move light switch, drywall, prime & paint
Install sewage line clean-out in gym
Install water line & sprinkler in janitors closets (5)
Repair water supply lines and waste lines in numerous sinks, toilets, showers and exterior faucets
Repair several existing exterior security lights and/or install new exterior security lights (attached to buildings)
Install several electrical meters between main panels and secondary distribution panels
  Install light switches between power panel and lights in youth activities center
Patch flat roofs on several buildings
Assist in installation of new clay tile roof (modification of existing flat roof)
Re-plaster numerous walls and ceilings damaged by water leakage
Install/repair suspended ceilings in large activities room and various classrooms
Tuck point work around windows & doors
Repair several brick & masonry retaining walls
  Special Projects
Remove and dispose of floor tile in several areas
Clean out storage building
Physical fitness room – Construct several partitions, paint, install wall-mount TV, organize weights & equipment
Library – Clean, repair several plaster areas on walls, paint walls & ceiling, refinish book shelves
Remove several short wooden fences
Clean-up or remove firewood storage area (volunteers can have the firewood)
Repair several sections of chain link fencing
Landscaping maintenance – Assist in the ongoing seasonal care of flower beds and shrubs
Spring & Fall Clean-up – Rake leaves, clean-up & till flowerbeds, trim shrubs, pickup trash, etc.
  Note: Licensed & experienced crafts persons are required for some tasks.